Pickup Basketball Etiquette Tips


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Pickup Basketball
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An accomplished mortgage professional in Chicago, Michael Bulmash draws upon more than a decade of experience in his position as a mortgage underwriter at Destiny Mortgage Group. Outside of his professional life, Michael Bulmash enjoys playing pickup basketball at a Chicago-area gym.

One of the best ways to get exercise while meeting people from all walks of life, pickup basketball games take place on playgrounds and in gyms across the country year-round. As with all social activities, it’s important to know the etiquette of the game before participating. Here are a few of the most important unwritten rules of the game:

Recognize Your Skill Level: While most pickup basketball players are happy to play with unskilled players, very few enjoy playing with players who are terrible but insist on taking every shot or keeping control of the ball throughout the game. If you’re not a good shooter, for example, avoid attempting too many three-point shots.

Don’t Be a Stickler for the Rules: Pickup basketball is not the NBA and, in most games, calling fouls and rule violations is left up to the players. While it’s okay to call explicit fouls, calling a foul every time you miss a layup will inevitably annoy the other players.

Be a Good Sport: Though some groups of friends might like to trash talk one another during the game, everybody appreciates when a player is quiet, humble, and polite. Ultimately, all the players are there to get some exercise and have a good time, not hurl insults at one another.