Three Tips for Beginning Youth Baseball Coaches


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Youth Baseball Coaches

Since 2008, Michael Bulmash has served as an underwriting manager for Destiny Mortgage Company in Chicago, Illinois. In this role, he reviews all mortgage applications and loan packages before they go to an approved lender. When away from his Chicago office, Michael Bulmash enjoys coaching his son’s baseball team.

No matter what age they coach, there are many things youth coaches can do before the competition officially begins to ensure a successful season. Below are a few of these tips:

* Review the rules. Some leagues might have restrictions on pitch counts, while others include information about safety procedures.

* Hold a parents meeting. It’s important to go over expectations before the season begins. Coaches should discuss parental responsibilities and behavior, the importance of practice, and playing time. They should also talk about positions and how it’s unsafe to put players in positions before they are ready, as well as on how coaches will work on improving players’ skills.

* Break the ice. The team might have players who don’t yet know each other. On the first day of practice, the coach can have the players and coaches form a circle. Grab a baseball, and have everyone toss it back and forth to each other. When a person catches the ball, he or she should state his or her name and then the team can repeat it.